Custom Ladies Clothing

You only have ONE chance to make a great impression! People will judge you on the image that you convey. Have you ever heard of the phrase “dress to impress”? That is often associated when an individual chooses to wear business attire. Ladies need to dress appropriately to look professional.  Benchmark Clothiers offers a large portfolio of cloths to choose from to design unique professional clothing for the workplace. We provide custom clothing for women of every size and shape. We will help you to achieve the professional look that you want. The Devil is in the Details! We can offer you unique design, different coat, skirt and pants models. We can offer contrast fabrics, too. 

Clothing Selections

  • Custom Ladies Suits
  • Custom Ladies Jackets
  • Custom Ladies Pants
  • Custom Ladies Vests
  • Custom Ladies Blouses / Shirts
  • Custom features to make your garment unique for you

We Offer Convenience

We can visit you in your office or home or you can visit us in our Savage Mill Showroom to help you build the professional wardrobe that you are after. 

Custom Fit

We offer you a beautifully fitted Custom Ladies Suit that will be shaped to fit your unique shape and be comfortable to wear. You will look sharp and elegant in a Custom Ladies Suit.  

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