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Benchmark Clothiers offers tailoring services for professional dress clothing. Benchmark has  experienced master tailors with 20+ years of experience, and we are capable of performing the most difficult alterations work needed. We provide the highest quality alterations for both men and women. We have experience altering everything from a simple hem and sleeves to altering a hand-made suit from Europe. 

We have had our clients request to have an entire suit re-cut because they have had a substantial weight loss: reducing the shoulders, taking the sides in, shortening a coat, removing a pleat on the trousers, re-cutting and narrowing the legs on the trousers. Benchmark Clothiers has had extensive experience in performing all of these alterations tasks and more.  No job is too small, large, simple or complicated for us. 

Please understand – we can only perform work on CLEAN GARMENTS. If your clothing is not clean, we won’t be able to alter them. 



Benchmark Clothiers wants you to achieve maximum satisfaction with your custom clothing experience. Accuracy of measurement information for our clients is crucial in the custom clothing process. We want you to understand what to expect from this process:

  • Wear a suit and dress shirt while being measured - please do NOT wear jeans or casual clothing to be measured, as the measurements obtained could be incorrect. 
  • We will carefully take all measurements of you 3 times for accuracy.
  • We will take 3 digital photos (front, profile and rear with no coat on) . This allows us to identify any special fit issues that you may experience.
  • We will take a picture of any fit issues you may have of your current suit, with the jacket on.
  • We will want you to identify any "fit problems" that you have experienced in the past, so we can help you with them. Fit problems may consist of a collar roll on your jackets or shirts that do not fit properly. 


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