Benchmark Clothiers offers many style options and cuts for trousers to meet your personal style and body type.

Our professional clothiers will help you through the fitting process, provide you with samples of materials and help you understand the entire custom tailoring process.   Our creative and expert staff will make certain that each client receives a personalized experience, providing you with a variety of options to meet your individual custom-tailoring needs.

Our custom trouser services include choosing details such as:


These recommended trouser colors will make sure that no matter which sport coat you buy, one of these trousers’ colors will match perfectly!






Waistline Fittings 

Waistlines are the essential factor of great drape properties and affect the visual appeal of the dress pants. They are the focal area to make a definitive style to individual fittings.

Fly Size and Seam Alignment

One of the glaring and common examples of bad stitch and tailoring are poor alignment of seam and stitch. Our professional tailors assure that these are easily overcome with precise adherence to correct and defined sizes of the customers body shape and size.

Pleats or Flat Fronts Thigh Area Show Good Pant Fitting

When dress pants size and length connect there is an alluring appeal of appropriate dress style statement that is admirable. They create an impressive art in fitting fabric design whether single or double break fit, flat fronts, single or double pleats design.

Pockets and Hemlines

One of the most versatile and creative design statements of pants is the nature and appeal of pockets front, side and back pockets. They add distinctive flair to the custom pants amazing attraction and overall beauty.

We deliver 100% Satisfaction and believe that our success lies in our customers’ satisfaction. We have your best interest in mind and want to deliver the very best quality, fit, and product to make sure you’re 100% happy! 

We provide custom made trousers for clients in or around:

Washington D.C

Baltimore, Maryland

Arlington, Virginia

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